Better Know A Draft Pick: Ndamukong Suh

02.26.10 8 years ago 34 Comments

Stoned Birthday Dog thinks you both look ridiculous.

Ndamukong “Wossmamotta” Suh
What his name means: House of Spears

Strength: Fearless in the face of a killer.
Weakness: Driving

Definitive on-field highlight video:

Mainstream Media Comparison: Richard Seymour
KSK Comparison: Kevin Williams

Who Wants Him:
Who Will Take Him: The Rams, unless they do something truly retarded.

Story ESPN Will Shove Down Your Throat: How many spears does he really keep in his home?

Immediate Impact: Rams still suck.
Down the Road: Rams still suck. But at least they have a good defensive line.

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