Cheesy Names For The New Packers Dating Site

04.16.14 4 years ago 176 Comments

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Good news single and looking Packers fans, there is a new dating site geared just for you, or “Packer Backers” for short. Neither one of these names really got the KSK crew in the mood for romance (or even a quick hook-up in the middle of the night involving a melting nacho sauce over our lovers — IT’S A THING) so we decided to help the marketing department with a few suggestions of our own. Because if there is anything we adore here at KSK, it’s a good old fashioned love story that started through football online.

  • Lambreaus
  • Blokes and Lombirdies
  • BrautOrNot
  • Lam Beau
  • BJCupid
  • My Farveorites
  • McCarthyHarmony
  • Ashley Madison, Wisconsin
  • Lovers Leap
  • Tease Me, Cheese Me
  • GB-Date
  • eMatthews
  • Plenty of Peppers
  • Gratr
  • OKCrosby
  • Discount Split The Check

All of these suggestions are better than the alternatives, the Lambeau Creep or even worse, the dreaded Fromunda Cheeseheads.


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