Chuuwee – “Post Mortem” Video

10.28.11 6 years ago 12 Comments

“You fresh to death, I’m post mortem.”

A few weeks ago, Next told me, “I think you’ll like this new guy I’m working with, Chuuwee. He raps and I know you like guys who rap.” Maybe those weren’t his exact words and I’m loosely quoting, but he was right about me liking guys who just rap, minus the gimmicks and theatrics. And, he was correct about Chuuwee as well. I’m still diggin’ through the young Sacramento MC’s work but this one shot, one continuous take video for “Post Mortem” seems to represent most of what his lyrical approach and skills are about.

“Fill me up with liquor, watch me start a drunken rage, And rite a thousand words a minute on somebody else’s page, then sell it for a million to some wack niggas and lames, Then still be killin’ shit with half the shit I wrote in seventh grade.”

After that, I had to get up out of my seat like…

Wallace Dance

Yeah, I’m off to spend more time on Chuuwee’s Bandcamp.

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