Coming Attractions: Nike Air Max 2012

01.05.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

All things considered, the Air Max 2011 counts as my favorite sneaker of the past year. It wasn’t high on my list to acquire at any point and I only ended copping them when I was forced to find something during a Friends and Family sale. But after I got home and tried them on my feet smiled. Lightweight with supreme comfort is always a winning combo, leaving me to wonder what Nike would do with the Air Max 2012.

The Air Max 2012 doesn’t stray too far away from the template laid out by the 2009 incarnation, but the layered Hyperfuse and mesh upper make nice use of advancements in technology that Nike has made over the past few years. How they fare for actual running activities is up in the air, but all I need them to do is hold up for an extended day on my feet and I’m confident they’ll do just fine for that. The best part about the three pairs seen here, which drop in February, is showing a brief glimpse of the colorways the Air Max 2012 can bring to us.

H/T: Sneaker News

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