Cowboys-Saints Live Blog, First Half

11.10.13 4 years ago 1,007 Comments


Since starting 5-0, the Saints have dropped two of three. Some of that was a team that wasn’t as dominant as their record indicated finally stumbling. In another respect, it was their porous run defense catching up with them.

Only Dallas’ incredible last-minute meltdown against the Lions has prevented the Cowboys from winning four in a row. The only thing preventing the Cowboys from being one of the top teams in the NFC is their inability to close out close games. In games decided by three points or fewer, Dallas is 0-3. Things get a little better if you expand the margin of victory to a touchdown or less, then Dallas improves to 2-3.

The point is, the Cowboys have proven they can hang with just about anyone. They did it with Denver, only for Romo to further validate his narrative. Only one of their four losses is by more than one score. The problem is, they have issues closing out those tight games.

Dallas has done this without the services of DeMarcus Ware. One of the NFL’s premier pass rushers returns to the Cowboys after missing three weeks. Certainly, it helps their cause though running on the road in the Superdome is no easy task.

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