D.C. Area Man Orders A Pizza With 12 Free Layers Of Extra Cheese, Courtesy Of The Washington Redskins

10.21.13 4 years ago 31 Comments

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Everyone’s favorite entrepreneurs and small business owners Dan Snyder and Papa John Murphy have teamed up again this year to offer Washington D.C. area residents a great deal on average pizza. The special is the same as it has been for the past couple of seasons: You get a large pizza for $9.99 plus one free topping for each TD that the Redskins score, and you can double the free toppings after a win!

Thanks to yesterday’s 45-41, 6 TD victory over the Chicago Bears, local residents can treat themselves to 12 free toppings courtesy of Roy Helu, RG3, and Brian Orakpo/Jay Cutler.

Unfortunately I’m no longer in the greater D.C. area, so as an expat Skins fan I can’t take advantage of this great offer. But as a nice little thank you to my parents for giving me life and raising me into the enterprising sports fan that I am today, I decided to order them a pizza with 12 layers of extra cheese on it from Papa John’s Tyson’s Corner location. Witness the pizza below in all of its cheesy goodness.


I have to admit the good people at Papa John’s did a hell of a job making a pizza with 12 layers of cheese look presentable. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed in that


Nice. Dad’s still rocking the illegal, pirated Santana Moss ’06 throwback that I bought him.




Hmm does that look like 12 layers of cheese to you? I mean, it’s a lot of cheese but I was under the impression that this would be the kind of pizza that would come with a free toilet. Could be another Subway 11-inch footlong sub type of deal, so maybe I’ll have to order them a regular cheese pizza to go along with this one so that we can get a full report on cheese-gate 2013.

Of course this could all just be gruyerella marketing for next week’s Redskins game against Papa John’s franchisee Peyton Manning. I’m not sure if Denver area restaurants have the same type of deal in place, but given that the Skins pass defense is so bad that losing Reed Doughty for a game is a downgrade, it would be a distinct possibility that Papa John wouldn’t even be able to afford health care for himself after Manning gets through with them.

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