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01.09.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

Sony became the last label to sell downloads without restrictions…but music lovers will still have to visit a physical store first to buy a plastic card. Then, you’ll rush home, insert your purchased code, then be able to download music.

They will be available at Best Buy, Target and Fred’s on Jan. 15, and at Winn-Dixie and at Trans World Entertainment Corp. chains including FYE and Coconuts by the end of this month. Stores in Canada operated by Best Buy, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and HMV will also sell the cards. A purchaser can go to Web site and type in a pin number from the card to download the album.

Seemingly, they’re going on a “convenience store” model, where you still have to visit a store in order to buy these cards…and perhaps buy something else on your trip. Lord knows every time I go buy gas, I end up buying a juice, three packs of candy or some scratch-offs.

For you pack rats, take solace in the fact that “Buyers also can download a digital booklet like those with CDs and material such as bonus tracks and videos.” Yep, you won’t get to rip the plastic off the cd packaging anymore, but you’ll still a digitized version to peruse at your leisure.

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