The iPod Shuffle – Digital Underground’s “Kiss You Back”

02.16.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

When I was younger, and still willing to waste time defending Hip-Hop to idiots that questioned its legitimacy as an art form, my would-be counterparts always described the music as one note and monolithic. Rappers only talk about money, hoes, clothes, drugs, murder, and being better than other rappers. That, of course, was never the case, but, if I’m being honest, the aforementioned topics do come up quite a bit. Thankfully, every so often, Hip-Hop can be genuinely sweet.

Sweet isn’t an adjective that most artists in the genre would self-apply, but it certainly fits Digital Underground’s “Kiss You Back.” Shock G and the crew managed to pull off playful and flirtatious without being corny or vulgar. You could play it front of your grandma or your girlfriend, and still be in the clear. Now fodder for Fiber One commercials, this 1991 single rings off on Valentine’s Day and any other time you want to show that special someone some love.

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