Drunk Blogger Is Now Your Drunk Editor

02.28.12 6 years ago 69 Comments

Some of you may have noticed that there’s been a recent uptick in posting and that most of those posts have been written by me. There is a reason for this. No, it is not “Christmas Ape is super jazzed about the off-season”. It is because I have taken over as full-time editor of KSK.

Before you start lighting things on fire, allow me to explain that no one is going anywhere. All the KSK writers will remain with the site and will continue to post about as much as they had been before. Ufford will still do the sexbag. Kogod will still be doing LOLNFL and Always Be Covering. Obviously, Drew is ceding Peter King bashing duties to me, but that’s been in effect for a few weeks now.

The biggest change for you, dear readers, is that there will be more content. More dick jokes is generally accepted as a good thing. For a while, KSK had been allowing some perfectly mockable things to pass by unmocked. We’d receive incredulous e-mails from readers asking, “I can’t believe you’re not gonna do anything on Miles Austin’s secret marriage to a 12-year-old Indonesian boy!” Sometimes, it was because a story was stupid and we didn’t feel like bothering with it, but more often, it was because we didn’t have the time or creative reserves. While there are five of us, each KSK writer has other commitments on his time. Ufford has SB Nation, Drew has Deadspin/Gawker/NBC/EntireInternet and Kogod has the Washingtonian as well as very important Wizards losses to attend. Flubby has a full-time job that I’m not at liberty to divulge, which is why he is still known as “Flubby” around these parts. (Just between us, he’s Joe Biden)

The site needed a guardian to ensure that dick jokes that needed to be made were being made. And that person, or rather that ape, will be me. A new, more robustly awesome KSK stands a better chance to flourish than the funny but scattershot KSK of old. As always, we appreciate your readership and aspire to reward it with the hilarious depravity you’ve come to expect from us. All Hail Krull Ape, and his glorious new regime.

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