Episode One – Six Large Assholes In One New Medium

10.16.08 9 years ago 61 Comments

UPDATE: We’re working on getting this fucker up on iTunes, as well as a separate external site. Should have something for you on Monday. You’ll just have to masturbate to our voices in front of your laptop for the weekend. Thanks for your patience. 

As we continue our newly-assumed quest of being professional assholes, it seems only natural that we explore new media for that elusive ultimate dick joke. And so we wind up with a podcast, and no real understanding of how to wield its power. Our current incarnation, despite it being named for the guy that bought all of the audio crap, is a group effort, but also a work in progress, as the title of this week’s episode might suggest.

Your suggestions are welcome (for once) at the standard Punter email address — be sure to include the word PODCAST in your subject line. I’m issuing a guarantee that any prompt correspondence (that is, nothing I can’t finish in one trip to the loo) will be read on our next show, so no email is too ridiculous. But for now, enjoy listening to a sneak peek of what’s been discussed on our end. Advanced apologies for the sound quality. Getting a file to fit in WordPress was like sitting on that briefcase with one too many shirts in it. While you might here some pops and small changes in volume, the safety of your hearing shouldn’t be in question. Sadly, we can’t hold the technical issues responsible for the obvious lack of vocal talent.

Click here to listen. It starts out a little loud. Sorry. Eventually we’ll figure out what we’re doing.

UPDATE: Finally got it uploaded to the host site. Much better sound quality here.

Music featured in this podcast:

Who’s Your Daddy – Benny Benassi

Woke Up This Morning – A3

High Roller Keep Hope Alive – Crystal Method

Ante Up – M. O. P.

Theme From Card Sharks – composed by Ed Kalehoff

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