Fred Smoot Is Having Another Love Boat Trip, But This Time For Charity

01.29.14 4 years ago 27 Comments


KSK favorite Fred Smoot has been busy on Reddit the past few days. On Wednesday, he hosted his second AMA in as many days, during which he was willing to address commenters named “Frozen Scrotum” by name. On the second day, he started the AMA by announcing that he’s having a sequel to the infamous Vikings sex boat party.

Okay, this time around, no double dongs and no okra patch, it’s just gonna be a boat party and the proceeds will go to charity, specifically The Wounded Warrior Project, instead of strippers. But with Smoot involved, you never know what actually will happen.

Former Washington Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot has teamed up with Guest House Radio to party for a purpose. Not only do we want to throw the best party to kick off the spring, we want to give back to our community, that’s why we’re donating all the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. You’ve heard about the infamous Fred Smoot Love Boat, now you can take part (disclaimer: no strippers on this boat…this is a wholesome good time).

Your ticket gets you:

*3 hours on a damn boat with Fred Smoot and other former/current NFL players
*All you can drink liquor, wine and beer
*live music and DJ
*a damn good story to tell your friends

Trying to figure out the cost divided among 200 people is a little tricky. On one hand, $1,000 spread among 200 people ain’t nothing, but factoring in the cost of the booze and the boat is tough. Gotta assume Smoot ain’t skimping on the booze.

The trip is on March 16, departing from Alexandria, Va., just south of DC. Smoot swears that no one will be charged until 200 people sign up to split the costs. Even it’s a much cleaner affair this time around, pretty awesome that Smoot is organizing a charity event that is making obvious reference to a sex boat trip.

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