Gravity Gun Mod For Grand Theft Auto IV

09.22.10 7 years ago

Grand Theft Auto IV mods — though not officially supported — are finally catching on.  A couple of the best are the new ones that let you play from first person perspective and play with a gravity gun.  And that gravity gun mod has a few other benefits:

Trainers are normally simple cheats: infinite health, infinite money, and so on. The Simple Trainer goes further. It enables you to teleport around the world. It unlocks all three islands immediately. It gives you the power to set nearby pedestrians on fire. It adds a gravity gun. [PCGamer]

It also can be used to spawn vehicles so you never run out of things to throw with the gravity gun.  But I suppose you could also spawn vehicles to drive them.  Hey, sometimes you need to drive an ambulance through a mall, then get out like you’re going to save the injured, then teabag them before driving away.  I think that’s next to homeostasis on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

There’s a video of the gravity gun in use below, and instructions for installing it at PCGamer.

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