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“You will rue the day!!!”

In February of 2000, The American Museum of Natural History opened the Rose Center for Earth and Space.  Their model of the planets didn’t include Pluto.  About a month later, a kid wrote a complaint letter to Neil Tyson about it.  Within a year, the news media picked up on the story and went to work captioning pictures of Pluto with “NOT A PLANET?” and clicking the button to make the laser noises.  *Pew pew pew* “Pluto not a planet?  Details later in the hour.  But first, boring travel tips to remind you that you can’t afford a vacation.”

After the news media picked up the story, more complaint letters rolled in, and by 2006 the International Astronomical Union had to take a vote to decide if Pluto could be classified as a planet.  They voted no.  Anyway, PBS put up a slide show of some of the kids’ complaint letters, and I’ve put all those pictures below with some of my favorite quotes.

Dear Scientest,

What do you call pluto if its not a planet anymore?  If you make it a planet agian all the science books will be right.  Do poeple live on Pluto?  If there are people who live there they won’t exist. […] Please write back, but not in cursive because I can’t read in cursive.

Madeline’s logic is undeniable.

Why do you think pluto is no longer a planet?  I do not like your anser!!!

Emerson doesn’t even wait to hear the answer before the rage starts, know what I’m sayin’?  WELL, DO YOU?  AAAAAAA HULK SMASH!

We’re sorry about giving you mean letters saying we love pluto but not you.

Awww.  Taylor just set everything right.  Well, right for everyone but Pluto.  It still sucks to be Pluto.

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