“I Said Toast Motherf*ckers…”

06.26.08 9 years ago 41 Comments

Now, his every move is chronicled. Every outburst amplified. The victories & the stakes much higher. His presence looming.

But do you remember when we didn’t know Kanye?

Last week, I was ridin’ with the family in tow and, of course, Plies & GLC can only get so much burn in the closed quarters of the car where everyone is subjected to the same music. Spinnin’ thru the ‘Pod, I came up on The College Dropout…and I only listened to two songs – “Spaceship” (for the GLC verse of course) and “Last Call.”

On the rare occassion that I’ve met people who don’t like the song, I’m always sort of dissapointed.

Regarding the track, I assume most people fall under one of two categories, brilliantly summed up, as always, by Amazon customers.

School Of Thought A

“‘Last Call’ provides a very introspective perspective on how Kanye West got signed to the label (Rocafella).”

School Of Thought B

“…And the autobiographical stories earlier on the album were fine, but “Last Call” just drags on and on. I mean, the song is over twelve minutes long, and only the first three or four minutes is actual rapping; the rest is Kanye talking, and after a while I was like, ‘Shut UP!'”

For me, the song & the story still sound as fresh as the first listen. I sunk down in my seat for twelve minutes of music and audio-biography I guess you’d say…an enjoyable twelve minutes. Even knowing Kanye now, I like to listen to song & shake my head, realizing that he warned us way back on his first album that his hands were destined to shape the face of music.

For the record, according to Wikipedia, the song samples Bette Midler’s “Mr. Rockefeller” so for all those arguments you’ve had about what was being played on the sped-up chorus, there you go.

Kanye West – Last Call

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