Jay Cutler vs Jay Cutler

08.23.13 4 years ago 41 Comments

If you’re like me, you spend most of your time googling football players and photoshopping their heads onto animals for your own amusement.


Well, maybe not everyone is me. But I would gather that most football fans, at some point or another, have Google image searched Jay Cutler. And I would gather that most of those football fans got momentarily perplexed by who showed up in front of you.



Who the hell is this muscleman? Why is he getting in the way of my Jay Cutler search? Why are his veins like that ew can this guy make a normal face good lord is his skin actually that color? I just wanted to find that one picture of Cutler holding his cat with the lazer background, I didn’t want to be visually assaulted by rippling abs.

Well, as many of us eventually figured out, this is Jay Cutler, the bodybuilder.  Somehow this guy is better known on the internet than the high profile quarterback of a major market team who sometimes likes to smoke and married that one hot chick from The Hills. At least, popular enough to dominate the front page of google image search, even for a football obsessed maniac like myself. Well I’ve had enough. If both of these Jay Cutlers have to exist on my google page, then I’m just going to combine them.








That’ll show you, Google.

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