Jeff Ireland: Still The Worst

09.19.12 5 years ago 29 Comments

The biggest fear I had going into the Dolphins season of “Hard Knocks” was that the series might somehow uncover a hidden likeable quality about Jeff Ireland that doesn’t come across in his regular interactions with the media and fans. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and I wasn’t forced to rethink my perception of Ireland being a rank tardfart.

On Sunday, Ireland did more to alienate a fan base that already despises him by lashing out at a fan during Miami’s home-opening win over the Raiders.

Fans began to call in to the Eric Reed show on 790/104.3 The Ticket this afternoon sharing their tale of witnessing Ireland in a verbal altercation with a fan.

According to Sean, he expressed to Ireland how he’s been a season ticket holder for many years, cited a few of Ireland’s bad roster moves, and, in an admittedly moment of fan frustration, suggested Ireland fire himself.

At this Ireland, patted Sean on the back, reportedly said, “Good suggestion,” turned, walked away and said, “Asshole.”


To his credit, Ireland actually admitted that he called the fan an asshole, but claims it’s was because the fan told Ireland that he should “fire himself”. So points for being honest about your dickery, but demerits for being thin-skinned enough to fly off the handle at one critical fan.

The incident has already inspired the making of a fan-created shirt, which I support in principle if not the choice of design.

Oh, and the Dolphins released Ryan Baker hours after he participated in a team community service event on his day off. I can see Ireland being all, “Well, now you have lots of days off!”

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