Jets-Patriots TNF Live Blog, First Half

09.12.13 4 years ago 885 Comments


As we will be frequently reminded over the course of the evening, the last time the Patriots and Jets met on a Thursday, there was a great buttfumbling, a derp that produced punchlines to sustain us for an entire off-season. Since that momentous blooper, the butt component of that event (Brandon Moore) has retired and the fumble component (Nacho) is now on the cusp of season-ending shoulder surgery, and thus almost certainly done with the Jets for good.

Of course, it’s injuries that are also the big story with the Patriots. With Shane Vereen and Danny Amendola going down this week and Aaron Dobson and Zach Sudfeld [UPDATE: he’s out too] banged up, the Patriots are even more depleted of reliable offensive weapons than they were at the start of the season. So if there is such a thing, the Jets are catching the Patriots at the right time. Unless there’s a point this year that Tom Brady is going to be out. If so, that would be the right time.

The Jets somehow accomplished the football equivalent of tripping on their own shoes, falling down a flight of stairs and landing on $100 bill on Sunday in their victory over the Buccaneers, courtesy of Lavonte David. The Patriots, meanwhile, had more difficulty dispatching the Bills than they are accustomed to. So the possibility of a hilarious upset, while still remote, is not quite as inconceivable an idea as it was but a few weeks ago.

Oh, and Cee-Lo is no longer doing that odd Ramones cover to intro Thursday Night Football. Instead, it’s this song. Can’t say it’s really an improvement but it is easier to tune out, so probably best we could reasonably hope for.

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