Julius Thomas Says The Seahawks Ain’t So Tough

05.01.14 3 years ago 45 Comments

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The Broncos were absolutely obliterated in the Super Bowl. But Julius Thomas says most of that was because the Broncos didn’t execute properly, which is partially true but also a comforting notion because it lets him believe the reasons for the blowout are fixable.

“I think a lot of talk has been made about how physical a defense is, and I know that can have an effect on the offense,” Broncos tight end Julius Thomas said Wednesday after the team’s conditioning workout. “But I don’t think that their defense is so much more physical than some defenses we’ve played.

“We’ve played against good defenses. What we can’t allow a team to do is keep us from executing. I think more so was what we didn’t do, the things we left out there, than them being physical. In order to get hit, you usually have to have the ball. So if we can hold on to it, if we can make sure we limit our turnovers, be in the right spots, that’ll help us.

To be fair, the Seahawks’ physical play can’t take the credit for the Broncos fumbling a snap into the end zone on the opening play from scrimmage. And certainly there were other mistakes by the Broncos that weren’t entirely forced by the Seahawks. But, y’know, when you lose in the Super Bowl by 35 points, you were dominated sufficiently that the public really doesn’t concern itself with which mistakes were on you and which were on the opposition and you really shouldn’t bother trying to fight that perception, especially when you get a rematch against that team in Week 3 of the following season.

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