Kevin Garnett Is An Angel And A Demon

04.29.09 8 years ago 42 Comments

At least he is according to this Chicago writeup. The writer takes umbrage with KG’s sideline behaviors, which have included mean-mugs & flailing curses words in the direction of the young Bulls.

If that’s how Garnett needs to re-emasculate himself, to make up for the fact that his body his breaking down and he can’t get on the court this year, fine. But last night was worse than usual. Last night crossed a line. After Brad Miller missed the first of two potentially game-tying overtime free throws, Garnett took time out of his busy injured schedule to yell “choke” at Brad Miller. Classy, man. (And this is coming from us, someone you’ll rarely ever see complain about “class” in sports.) There’s also this photo of a snarling Garnett getting in Ben Gordon’s face, the same Ben Gordon who played through his injury last night while Garnett threw on Armani and did his cheerleading from the sidelines.

Competitive spirit, understood. Trying to do what you can to help your team is understood. Acting whorish from the bench is not understood. Although there are varying opinions, that is not godly.

I guess I haven’t been paying attention to the Celts-Bulls series enough to notice all these antics. If true, KG gets the gas face.

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