KLEARINGHOUSE: Jim Harbaugh, Nobel Laureate

12.12.13 4 years ago 43 Comments

— This was from this week’s Sunday Soundtracks, but I made a separate clip of it because Jim Harbaugh quoting Nelson Mandela in a postgame locker room speech will never not be funny to me. “We killed them out there, men. Just slaughtered ’em. Now here are some words of perspective from a recently deceased Nobel Peace Prize winner.” Then he bites a kicker’s face off.

— Meanwhile, Harbs dismissed a report that he might be taking the head coach job at the University of Texas. C’mon, did Nelson Mandela jump ship when another country offered him a job? No, though probably because he was in prison.

— Regarding Calvin Johnson, Ravens rookie safety Matt Elam said, “He’s pretty old, so I don’t know how physical he’ll be. He’s a big guy, but he’s older.” Oh snap, he called you Fogeytron! You just gonna take that!?

— To which Megatron replied, “He can talk all he wants. He plays back. I don’t see him every play unless I run past him.” Hey, running past him isn’t very physical, is it? LOOKS LIKE THE ROOKIE GOT YA THERE.

— Pro Football Focus did an in-depth investigation into whether Josh Gordon is good and, yes, it turns out he is. Thanks guys.

— A Redskins fan who got a THXRG3 vanity license plate has used post-it notes to alter it to THXCUZ which is probably illegal yet still not quite as stupid as being a Redskins fan.

— Brian Urlacher will appear in a Chicago theater production of “A Christmas Carol” though it’s most likely in a non-speaking role. Too bad, great chance for a ghost of linebackers past.

— The Texas Rangers selected Russell Wilson in the Rule 5 Draft – mostly just to get attention. Nice try, baseball team. Now go back to Hot Stoving or whatever it is you all do while better sports are on.

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