KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

05.25.11 6 years ago 67 Comments

-Former high school wrestling champion Chris Cooley got the best of fellow Redskins tight end Fred Davis in a best of three falls wrestling match after the team’s players-only workout. Not a bad match, but it could have used a flying elbow drop or two. [Sports Buzz via Captial Games]

-Tiki Barber describes his time hiding out from the media in his (Jewish) agent’s attic as “like a reverse Anne Frank thing.” Peter King visited the house in question and reported back that it “lacked context.” Kind of like his reporting on Cam Newton at the Combine. [Deadspin]

-In other Jew-related news, Chicago fans have been quick to embrace Gabe Carimi. They’ve already dubbed the rookie tackle “Bear Jew” (via Basterds). That explains why Olin Kreutz wears his helmet everywhere he goes these days. [PFT]

Note: Ape points out that we have already bestowed the Bear Jew moniker on Julian Edelman. Ours makes more sense because Eli Roth talks just like Tommy in the bat scene.

-In non-Jewish news, Rush Limbaugh brought up the Vikings stadium issue during an interview with Tim Pawlenty. The former governor, who apparently refers to himself as “T-Paw,” turned the question back on his host.

Rush Limbaugh: “I know you’re not in the statehouse any longer, but there’s an issue roiling the state right now and that’s the Vikings and their new stadium and how much of it should be publicly financed. The usual threats are being made: If the public doesn’t chip in and build a new stadium the Vikings are gone. They’ll move to LA or someplace.”

Tim Pawlenty: The rumor is you’re gonna buy ’em and move ’em. Is that true?

RL: (laughing) “Well, uh, this interview is about you.” (laughing)

It’s almost as if Rush’s original question was a set-up to steer the conversation back to his own quest for NFL ownership. Way to play along, T-Paw.

But don’t worry, Drew. It’ll never happen. POSSIBLY. [ESPN]

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