KSK Mock Draft: Final Offseason Draft Free For All

08.29.14 3 years ago 350 Comments

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In years past when we’ve held the offseason mock drafts on KSK once we got past the real NFL draft, all the drafts became commenter drafts. Unsilent would pick a topic and throw it out to the Kommentariat to have at it. Fun for you, less work for us. With the addition of so many new KSK contributors last season and a new person running the draft, we decided to be greedy and keep all the good draft picks for ourselves before releasing the draft to the readers.

So for this last mock draft of the offseason, we’re giving everything to the Kommentariat. It’s your draft and you can draft whatever you want. You want to draft a Porche Macan S, you can draft a Porche Macan S, you can draft a Porche Macan S and they’re off the board. You want to draft the #19 pastrami sandwich from Langer’s, you get the #19 pastrami sandwich from Langers. You want to draft Golden Retrievers, you get all the blonde puppies you want.

What you don’t get to do is block other people. If you draft the ocean and someone drafts blue whales, you can’t say, “But I already had blue whales because they’re in the ocean.” That’s not fair. You have the ocean and all the water, but you don’t get to hog everything that comes with it. Same with countries. You can’t draft France and then say all the wine and cheese belongs to you. That’s just rude, even if very French.

Same rules apply. Wait ten picks before making your next pick.

That’s it! Now draft your perfect horde of stuff to get you through the long weekend.

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