Late game open thread: the Fox NFL Sunday gang will spend 37.5 seconds laughing at Hulkdog

10.31.10 7 years ago 111 Comments

According to the Wall Street Journal, the hosts of Fox NFL Sunday spend 11.6% of their screen time laughing at each other’s jokes. Curt, Terry, Howie, Michael and Jimmy collectively waste over two minutes per show chortling, giggling, guffawing, snickering, chuckling, tee-heeing, and/or tittering. The worst offender will probably come as little surprise:

“Mr. Bradshaw was easily the laughing leader, going for about 92.4 seconds—including 2.5 seconds at the start of the show before anyone said anything.”

In comparison, the CBS crew only laughs 43 seconds per show. This makes sense because they have to work with Dan Marino. That guy has the personality of a doorstop.

By the way, Brett Lorenzo will play today— act suprised.

TEN @ SD **
MIN @ NE **
TB @ ARI *
SEA @ OAK **

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