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06.18.10 3 Comments

PICTURE ABOVE: “Look at that quilt. That quilt is amazing.” [via Reddit] and here’s the possibly NSFW context.

Dale Peterson is back.  Do you give a rip about Alabama? [WarmingGlow]

The most asinine news story this week [

The LOL world cup (photoshops) [WithLeather]

Mashup: Toy Story + The Wire [TheSmokingSection]

Chris Cooley chugs the contents of his refrigerator.  We’ve all been there. [KissingSuzyKolber]

Samba Baby is a better dancer than you (video) [Urlesque]

The 8 most awesome movie car chase scenes of all-time [Guyism]

“Scientists develop land mine detector using off-the-shelf hardware for 1% of the cost of existing systems. But since when has pure research helped anyone?” [Fark]

“Who is the best soccer player at the World Cup? Science has the answer.” [io9]

Awkward Family Photos: Father’s Day Edition (slideshow) [Asylum]

VIDEO BELOW: What the hell is this I don’t even. [via WTFJapanSeriously]

[Thanks Jirish for the inset pic.]

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