litkaby.’s “I Don’t Know” Video Reminds Us To Listen To More litkaby.

05.16.14 3 years ago

LitKaby I Don't Know

It’s about time we got something new from litkaby. The Tennessee duo, consisting of Kaby and P.A. Lit., gifted the rap scene with a hell of a mixtape back in February – Just Because, which managed to creep up and steal what should have been heavy rotation from no-doubt, heavyweight projects like Oxymoron and The Drive-In Theatre. It begins and ends with the duo’s penchant for standing out. I’ll wager a pretty penny that their gruff, Southern delivery resonates with anybody who’s ever uttered the word “trill.”

Oh yeah, why we’re here in the first place: the “I Don’t Know” video, shot by Kelly Hite. litkaby. maintains some semblance of anonymity throughout, their lyrics darting through the dark, tinted visuals like bullets. And that party-friendly beat… yeah, everything here just reinforces the fact that, if you aren’t already hip to Lit and Kaby’s music, now’s the time to make things right.

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