Man Calls 911 After Drug Dealer Fails To Bring Him Marijuana & Cocaine He Paid For

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05.06.13 6 Comments

What’s one to do when when your drug dealer stands you up after you’ve already paid for your narcotics? If you’re “Dave,” you call the police to file a complaint. A North Carolina 911 dispatcher received a call on Tuesday, from a man claiming to have been stood up by his drug dealer, after the two agreed to meet up later to finish their transaction.

According to the man, who identified himself as “Dave,” he gave the dealer $80, after which he and the dealer were to meet at a gas station, where the dealer would provide him with his marijuana and cocaine. Dave was left high and dry when he arrived at the gas station and the dealer was nowhere to be found.

After the man’s calls to the dealer went unanswered, Dave called 911 to complain of “dirty” drug dealers “ripping people off.” “The thing about it is, these boys, they’re running a dope business,” said Dave in the recorded phone call. “They’re going around in the street ripping people off. They’re selling drugs, but they’re not even selling drugs. They’re selling fake drugs to people, and they rip ‘em off, you know what I’m saying? And the thing about it is, that’s a criminal offense.”

Listen to the kooky, full-length call below.

In North Carolina, it is currently illegal to dial 911 in non-emergency situations. Lawbreakers face a $100 fine for misusing the service. No word on if cops were dispatched to Dave’s location.

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