Soundtracks To Summer – Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin'”

07.24.13 4 years ago 23 Comments

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Summer ’05 saw a 19-year-old S. Cadet steady hating on much of the year’s Southern rap. Innanet underground staples like MF Doom, Madlib, J Dilla and Little Brother dominated my rotation so yeah, I am was that rap nerd perpetually angry with mainstream music. Then Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin'” happened and made a music snob see the light.

The appreciation for the song is hard to decipher. How the hell can a Stones Throw/Okayplayer geek like “Still Tippin’?” Well it starts with dat beat. It skipped the loud, abrasive club bangers for something much smoother and inviting. Anti-“crunk” vibes didn’t detract from the song’s southern charm, either.

Finally, “Still Tippin'” starred as steroids for my lacking coolness factor. There was something about playing this joint while riding around. The song just exuded a good feeling on the road: whether in my mom’s car or during my infatuation with Project Gotham Racing 2.

“Still Tippin'” will always be tied to joy riding. Its content and video treatment make it obvious enough but it just hits on another level whenever tied to cars. If I’m ever fortunate enough to buy a new, fully-equipped autombilie, I’ll know what song to spin on the first drive out the dealership.

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