B.o.B – “No Future”

03.25.11 7 years ago 47 Comments

“I’ll crash that ‘Airplane’ that that f*ggot n*gga B.o.B was in…”

Even though Tyler claimed via Twitter that he doesn’t think “No Future” is directed at him or his team, but I think only the hearing-impaired would agree with him. What started with the above quoted line from “Yonkers” moves to Bobby Ray releasing two full minutes of venomous spit, which is unmistakeably directed at…well, the target could be anyone but the repeat references to having “No Future” make it quite obvious. Since he doesn’t rely on rap as a sole method of delivery, people – fans included – need a terse reminder the Ham Squad leader can indeed put down the guitar, pick up the pace and go at the neck of would-be challengers.

“What I gotta do to get some solidarity?, apparently I need to speak with some mo’ clarity.”

Credit due, B.o.B does toss OFW a few lines to throw up the white flag and call a truce. The back and forth jabs shall not be mistaken for LL going toe-to-toe with Kool Moe but it still good to see all of these young guys (people forget that Bobby is only in his early 20’s as well) admitting that sh*t isn’t all candy canes and gumdrops between them. Rap will always be highly competitive, maybe even more now as artists slide up to an already crowded table hoping to get a piece of the pie.


B.o.B – “No Future”

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