Rittz – “Cashin’ Out” (Speedmix)

04.10.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

Transparency in rap’s a rare commodity. Or should I say truthfulness, rather. I’ll never forget when that when we interviewed Boosie, he shunned off our questions regarding his rhyming about doing blow, as if the evidence wasn’t littered throughout his discography*. And that honesty is also part of the reason I’ll always hold a certain amount of respect for Three 6 because they’ve never made any qualms about their drugs of choice in music or reality. In moderation, nothing’s truly that bad for you. It’s bad when you’re blowing rent money or selling ass on Front St. though.

So while listening to Rittz keep it all the way raw about his preferred form of escapism, I have to smile, especially as a somebody whose seen and done it all. And he does it over me and Tins’ current favorite radio-hit, the infectious “Cashin Out,” using his Nascar flow to extol the wonders of chopping lines and the whole nine. In fact, Havoc could learn a thing or two from Rittz and realize that honesty is always the best policy. Or, when all else fails, blame it on the drugs.

And the ad-libs at the end? Priceless.

Rittz – “Cashin’ Out” (Speedmix)

*I gave Bad Azz some points back when he dropped that quotable about sticking pills in girls’ booties. Still hilarious to this day.

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