Nightcap With I, Ced and Coultrain

08.24.09 8 years ago 16 Comments


I don’t know what you call it in your metro area, but I’m sure you have a two-step as smooth as Ballroom in Detroit. It’s the dance that makes all your white friends say “What is THAT? Can you teach me?!?” I was that white girl at some point long ago in yesteryear. Now I teach the rhythmically disinclined at weddings. My pop always said “See one, Do one, Teach one,” but I’m fairly confident this joint would have you stepping into the brisk morning hours without my instruction.

When 14KT dropped the needle on “Love… Meaning” last night I made it my business to make it your business. When he told me he didn’t know where I could find it because he got it on vinyl it reminded me the greatest parties are often birthed of great vinyl. Not Macbooks and Sarato. The pops, cracks and skips are all ambient necessity for smoke swirling around a tiny club dance floor or impromptu backyard house party as all your closest folk step in line and rhythm.

This song sounds like sipping on a martini with the object of your affection, catching the faint scent of her/his perfume/cologne when you lean in and ask if they want to dance. It’s staying out an hour later than you said you would even though you have work in the morning and an alarm set for 6:30. It’s forgetting you have responsibilities and things to tend to. It’s getting lost in a moment with Bossa Nova tilted hi-hat, chimes and organ chords. It’s letting yourself laugh for the first time in a long time.

It’s being alive rather than just living.

If only for an hour or two.

Let’s ballroom, TSS.


Download — I, Ced Feat. Coultrain – “Love… Meaning”

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