Notable Quotable – Killer Mike On “God In The Building”

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It’s hot like hell in the South
It feel like we like we in the devil’s mouth in the South
So white boys trippin cause we iced out
Cool as a cucumber hoppin’ out
A ’73 Impala with the brains blowed out
Let the robbers follow, swear to God
Fuck nigga, get your brains blowed out
Your baby momma followed or your man shot down
I’m from Martin Luther King, respect it it’s holy ground
Who’d a thought a nigga out a shotgun house
Would ever drive a car with an angel that bow
I’m the shit ’cause i come from the bowels
The guts of the city, ain’t a nigga fuckin’ wit me
Young player from the South, tell stories like Biggie
Take the King’s English, paint pictures so vivid
Make the listener swear to God they lived it
If that ain’t God in motion, nigga tell me what is it
The church ladies weep when they hear ya man speak
They say they see God in me, but I’m in the streets
They ask me why I’m rappin’, tell me I’m called to preach
I smile, kiss’em on they honey brown cheeks
I tell’em “God bless’em” and they can serve for me
But you can never walk on water if you still fear the sea
If Jesus came back, Mother, where you think he’d be?
Probably in these streets with me…”

I do not consider myself religious. Spiritual? Yes, perhaps. I’ve studied in my lifetime. The Bible. The Qu’aran. 120. Metu Neter. I do believe that parts of my past my come back to haunt me as Peter is checking my book whilst I stand @ The Gates, whistling & rolling my eyes around as if that shit he’s reading off wasn’t me. But I think it’s those same transgressions that push me so hard to stay on the other side of the line now.

Will I ever end up a member of a church? Doubt it but I’ve learned to never say never. Will I end up in a church? Safe to say we all will be carried in one day. But will I always stand as proof that if you do right, right will eventually fall your way & bless you? Yeppers.

So I stay around, near or on some street or corner, hollering @ younger cats in hopes that they don’t dirty up their own books too much. And when I look to my left, I picture Mike standing there too, kickin’ the same cautionary conversations & street tales.

And according to him, I might see Jesus standing to the right of both of us.

Killer Mike – God In The Building

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