Quien Es Mas El Salvador: Breesus or Warner

01.16.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

This is probably the hardest call of the weekend. Will Arizona carry over its pointskkake from last week and bury a New Orleans team that struggled over the final month of the regular season to maintain its furious offensive pace from the rest of the year. Many people seem to think so. Personally, I wouldn’t be particularly surprised with the outcome swinging either way, unless it’s a 9-6 defensive struggle that comes down to a game-ending Neil Rackers shank.

Deuce McAllister was brought back to the Who Dats in a surprise signing yesterday, despite the Saints having four backs on the depth chart ahead of him and McAllister having zero healthy knees propping him up. Either way, it’s DDDEEEEEEEUUUUUUCCCCEEEEE chants that will abound.

In regards to Anquan Boldin, NFL Network’s Jason La Confora channeled PK in saying the chances of him playing are “quasi-miraculous.”

We would have also accepted “semi-Willisish”

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