Random Axe – “The Hex” Video

05.20.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

Black Milk, Sean P and Guilty Simpson may move as a single unity under the Random Axe umbrella, but name still entails that there are three different personalities working towards unpredictability.

While one member may like to torture his victims with thorough MacGyver etiquette, another may garner enjoyment from simply being a biological physicist, cooking up raw dopeness to make them twitch with the itch. And let’s not overlook how every band of ruffians always has the smooth operator who is always conniving ways to get ‘mo dollas. But it all blends perfectly when you’re talking Duck Down Hip-Hop.

Random Axe is the staff, album and the mothereffing crew. Keep it locked in until June 14th when the album drops, but don’t get too close or The Price Is Right will smack you for your efforts.

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