Ricky Williams’ New Career: Celebrity Yoga Instructor

06.11.13 4 years ago 5 Comments


The Longhorn Network has recently been using Texas alum Ricky Williams to promote its programming. Certainly a better choice than, say, Vince Young. Luckily, they found an ad campaign that adequately suits his whackadoo personality. Specifically, they’ve been featuring him as a yoga instructor, which is an appropriately Ricky Williams thing since that’s something he’s done in the past.

I will say it does make me sad that there isn’t actually a 30-minute block of Ricky Williams teaching yoga on the Longhorn Network. I would start my day with that every morning. Matter of fact, were it still going on by the time Arian Foster hangs it up, I can see him joining in, and he didn’t even go to Texas.

Anyway, the Longhorn Network’s page on Facebook has a promotion wherein the fan that submits the best photo of themselves doing a “Longhorn-centric yoga pose” (downward-facing Hook ‘Em Horns?) gets the chance to do yoga with Ricky Williams, which is just about the best prize next to getting high with Ricky Williams.

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