Benched For Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell: A Football Life

09.18.13 4 years ago 23 Comments

The Ballad of Jason Campbell just got a little bit sadder this morning when Rob Chudzinski announced that Campell had been supplanted by Brian Hoyer and his Upside as the Browns starting QB for this weekend’s upcoming shootout against the Vikings. If you had to choose one word to describe Campbell’s career it would probably be “setback,” so this little bit of adversity should come as no surprise for him.

In all fairness, Campbell has stuck around the NFL for 8 years and pocketed $20 million, so I’m sure he’s crying all the way to whatever diet pill warehouse Joe Theismann convinced him to invest in. But the terrifying lows and soaring mid-ranges of his career musn’t be forgotten. Every time Campbell would take a step forward, there would be an NFL team that he would have to play against or for, and he’d take two steps back:


1. Campbell’s Sugar Bowl Victory over the Hokies, which Google analytics lists as a “movie”
2. Campbell is drafted #25 overall by Joe Gibbs and the Washington Redskins
3. He went 8-12 to start his career
4. In 2008 he led the Redskins to an early 6-2 record
5. Then they went 2-6. Then 4-12
8. Got traded to the Raiders for a 4th round pick
9. Benched after two games in favor of Bruce Gradkowski (!??!?!!)
10. Campbell gets his starting job back and leads the Raiders to an 8-8 record! 6-0 in the AFC West! 4-2 to start 2011!
11. Campbell breaks his collarbone and is out for the year
12. Campbell signs with the Bears and plays so poorly that Jay Cutler actually feels a sense of urgency to only miss one start
13. Signs with the Browns to compete against Brandon Weeden
14. Surpassed in the depth chart by Brian Hoyer

However, Campbell will have left behind a couple of big positives as his NFL legacy:

-He set the NFL record for most consecutive broadcasts featuring the phrase “dink and dunk”by throwing like 41 straight check-downs to Ladell Betts.

-He’s the only QB who will ever get replaced by Rex Grossman, Bruce Gradkowski, and Brian Hoyer.

-Jason’s as strong of an argument as you’ll ever hear for the existence of  the Total QBR metric*. The guy came out of the womb  trailing 28-3 in the fourth quarter, so I say we name it the “Cambpletion percentage” in his honor.

Farewell, Jason. It can only go up from here, or else I’ll have to make a new chart.

*-still not enough

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