Saigon – “On My Way” x “The Color Purple” Video

03.02.11 7 years ago

The verdict has already been sealed, but the tracks keep pouring out regardless. The latest is “On My Way,” which is available exclusively on the FYE release of The Greatest Story Never Told.

It meshes perfectly with the sound of the album, but it’s cast in the identical mold of “Oh Yeah (Our Babies),” so it makes sense that one of the two had to be tossed out. And judging from the reactions, they made the right call leaving “On My Way,” as a bonus track. But, it’s a great record in its own standing, and a worthy addition to the archives.


Saigon – “On My Way”

Also, The Yardfather let loose the visuals to “The Color Purple” joint off of 2006’s Welcome To Saigon mixtape. Five years may be an eternity, but like the TGSNT, it’s still a solid record, so better late than never.

Salute: eskay

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