Sentences we thought we would never write: “Ted Ginn, Jr. is your Meast of the Week.”

11.04.09 8 years ago 42 Comments

I know, I know… I’m as surprised as any of you, but yet here we are. What a crazy old world. Ginn became the first player in league history to score two 100+ yard touchdowns of any type in a game. And hoo boy, is he fast. Watch…

Just. Wow.

Are you kidding me? He looked like he still had another gear he didn’t even need. Holy shit! Where in the hell has this been the past couple of years? And did you see the way he stopped short on the second TD? Fuck me! Go ahead and watch it again, I’ll wait… Christ, you don’t see moves like that very often. Is Ginn about to go on a Dante Hall/Devin Hester type unholy tear for the rest of the season or was this just a fluke? Maybe this guy has been languishing in Miami for a reason? Crap, I don’t know. I need to watch this video a few more times and then lay down for a while. Maybe take a nap.

Your Least of the Week is SOSA Rams cornerback James Butler who understands the touchback rule the way I understand Chinese algebra…

FF to the :50 second mark for the fail.


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