Terry Bradshaw Likes ‘Em Young And Cancerous

11.15.10 7 years ago 30 Comments

A reader sent in this incredibly misleading but hilarious still from a commercial that Fox ran for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital yesterday following the Giants/Cowboys Blackout Bowl I. Now my grasp of theology isn’t the strongest, but I could have assumed Jude was the patron saint of lost causes, not the patron saint of creepy bald Cajun guys peering lustily at children from afar. I assume that fell under the purview of St. Carville.

More zaniness after the jump.

  • Here’s a gif image I put together of Peyton Manning from yesterday for no other reason than it amused me more than it should have. It Peyton simply making yet another ridiculous signal at the line? Showing you his helmet can withstand repeated taps without significant damage? Or worse still, spastically taunting you for not studying 3,000 hours of tape last week that he surely did.

  • The Redskins have reportedly given Donovan McNabb a five-year extension worth $78 million, with $40 mil guaranteed.



    “It’s okay, guys. The franchise is still doomed for years to come, but your womenfolk will be sufficiently adorned in branded apparel specifically targeted to them! Also, unbranded apparel is now banned from FedEx Field.”

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