Texans-Bears Live Blog, First Half

11.11.12 5 years ago 766 Comments


Now that the Falcons lost, this game takes on greater weight. More so for Chicago. With a win, the Bears can move into a tie with the Falcons for the top seed in the conference. Houston no doubt would like to improve to 8-1, but the Texans at least have a game and a head-to-head tiebreaker over Baltimore.

Despite all the pointless Mike Florio trolling this week about what it would mean were Peanut not to play, Charles Tillman is indeed suiting up for Sunday night. Obviously because his infant son just didn’t want the glory of a Sunday birthday enough. Florio says he is doomed with questionable drive for life.

Arian Foster admitted late in the week that he cheats from time to time on his vegan diet. For shame. You’ll never be a level 99 who makes his own mulch now. Just as well, as the NFL’s other well-known vegan, Tony Gonzalez, closed out Atlanta’s first loss of the season with a dropped pass on 4th and 1. It’s totally the veggies’ fault. You don’t catch passes with salad.

Anyway, weather is expected to suck in Soldier Field this evening, turning an already likely defensive standoff into a muddy mess even likely to finish with under 40 points combined. Unless the Bears get three defensive scores, which they very well might.

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