The Jets Don’t Need No Stinking Fireman Ed

08.01.13 4 years ago 27 Comments


Last season, in the wake of the Buttfumble game, Fireman Ed decided he would no longer serve as the representative mouthbreather for the New York Jets fan base. This, unfortunately, left the Jets woefully deprived of someone to spell out the name of the team during its games. Something simply had to be done.

After months of soul-searching and at least one meeting of organization marketing executives, a solution has been reached. Instead of it being one person’s responsibility to start the J-E-T-S chants, each of the letters in the chant will be assigned to one of four sections of the stadium. No one fan can have that much power.

With each of the four sections only responsible for one letter, this reduces the amount of confusion. Of course, there’s still the matter of getting the letters in the right order, something Jets fans have struggled with in the past.


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