Your Daily Funk: The O’Jays’ “Forever Mine”

02.23.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

o'jays identify yourself

I’ve never been the type to slow dance. Due to poor rhythm and adult ADD, my attempts at public intimacy typically leave me lifting up my wife with a hug and spinning her around, or falling back slightly and serenading her as if I wrote the song personally on her behalf. However, the latter is only an option if the song is sentimentally sound as The O’Jays’ “Forever Mine.”

From the first wallowing guitar licks to lead singer Eddie Levert’s immediately endearing delivery, this relatively successful late career gem from the Ohio group’s Identify Yourself album proves music with meaning might not resonate with the masses immediately, but can be still timeless in the grand scheme of things.

Because, I’ll tell you what…if this comes on when me and wifey are cutting rug? She’s getting an all out performance of this heart-warming classic.

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