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Jimmy V. continues on with his coverage of rappers who got their albums scrapped. Check Part 1 Here.

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Words by Jimmy Valentime

Cuban Link saw his Atlantic debut 24K get caught in the crosshairs when he had a falling out with The Terror Squad.

Cuban Link was Big Pun’s best friend and prior to anyone being successful, Cuban and Triple Seis were in a group with Big Pun named, Full-a-Clips Crew. When Fat Joe signed Pun, they all became members of Fat Joe’s group, The Terror Squad. Cuban is much more Pun’s peer then people gave him credit for. Cuban’s light lucid style acted as a contrast to the complexity and heavy tone of Big Pun’s rapping style. He was set to be the next star in The Terror Squad after Pun passed, but beef within the camp led him to leave the group and get his album scrapped.

The album 24k has a lot of the electronic bounce of the “Ruff Ryder” era which might not be appealing to some, but it has a lot of gems on it. “Toe to Toe” featuring Big Pun has both rhyming over “Clones” and “G.O.D Pt 3.” “M.O.B” has M.O.P., Kool G Rap and more rapping over a slow, menacing beat that reminds you of all the great posse cuts of the era. “Still Telling Lies” has one of the more musical Neptune beats from the time and Cuban rattles off the reason he can no longer trust his girlfriend.

Cuban Link’s 24k makes you envision all the things that could have happened if the Pun had lived and the Squad had stayed strong.


Bonus Beats

What song does the play on words in the title come from?

Somebody should post Nore dedication to Big Pun over George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.”

Cuban Link – A Videography

“Off the Books” – Big Pun and Cuban’s first radio hit.

“Bet You’re Man Can’t (Triz)”

“Flowers For The Dead”

“Still Telling Lies to Me”(Neptunes on the boards)

Cuban Link has a gun fight in the studio


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