The Week That Was: Holiday Hangover

12.26.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

The holidays are upon us once again & with them multiple distractions and engagements to pull us away from our computers.  Regardless, we still kept things up and running  around here as a brief respite when your uncle Joe told his story of when he almost got in a fight with Martin Luther King Jr for the umpteenth time.

— As you can see by the picture above, stick-up kids knew they were on the naughty list and took matters into their own hands..  And for Space Jams who can blame them?

— Gotty™ found a new vice and added “brand advocate” to his many list of titles.

Ms. Rosa & KING had many men making late additions to their Christmas lists.

Landon introduced us to the 5 most entertaining characters HBO had to offer this year over @ KSPACE.TV.

Gucci & Rakim both faced the TSS Review Crew.

— Five words: John Witherspoon. BANG! BANG! BANG!

— Will & Jada’s pride and joy was tagged to play Riley Freeman the latest Karate Kid.

Kobe & LeBron were the talk of the week & if you go by meaningless December games LeBron > Kobe.  But at the end of the day: Nike FTW!

— In a hotly contested battle, J. Cole & Jay Electronica both turned in notable performances.

— And of course: the obligatory Christmas posts.

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