This Week’s KSK Mock Draft: Bands You Would Like To Have Been The Frontman For

05.24.07 10 years ago 236 Comments

Oh c’mon, you didn’t expect us to take a week off without holding a little draft fun, now, did you? Lord knows you folks have earned it. Frankly, I’m stunned and delighted you folks cared that much. After all, reading KSK and NOT reading at all are fairly similar endeavors. To wormfather, otto man, grimey, and the rest of you fabulous KSK commenters out there, thanks for sticking around during a week where we were determined to not do anything at all.

This week’s draft: Bands You Would Like To Have Been The Frontman For. Yes, I just dangled a preposition. Suck my balls. The rules: You can pick any band from any spot in time. This may not be your favorite band, just the band that would promise the awesomest life experience should you be the lucky asshole who fronted it. You sung. And possibly played the lead guitar. You did all the coke. And you accidentally nailed all the tranny groupies. If your frontman died young, so did you. Hip hop bands welcome. No solo artists. Once you pick a band, you must wait 10 picks to select another.

My first pick, of course, is Led Zeppelin. They aren’t my favorite band. But who passes up the chance to violate women with a mud shark like Robert Plant did? No one, that’s who.

And if you can name the band above, you get to bypass the 10-choice rule to make your next pick. But beware: I’ll be picking them very soon. Because they fucking rule.

And if you pick REM, you are a fucking pussy.

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