Tyler, The Creator – “Domo 23” Video

02.15.13 5 years ago 21 Comments

“Yonkers,” the haunting opening single to Tyler The Creator’s second album Goblin, vacillated between surprising East Coast traditionalism and the chord-heavy, Pharrell-inspired production that has become his trademark. The lyrics were packed with dark imagery, non-sequiturs, and irreverent humor. That opening salvo was a statement from the most recognizable face of the crew that Odd Future was not going to play by the rules.

Fast-forward to 2013 and the opening single “Domo 23” finds Tyler in a different place. He is playing by the rules here to a degree, much in the same way that Dennis Rodman played by the rules as a Chicago Bull. He does touch on more traditional Hip-Hop subject matter (monetary success, fucking models, responding to detractors), but “Domo,” and its crazy ass video, are still far from the norm. Tyler’s young, and admires/is inspired by artists who were all over the radio. Maybe this new single is the Wolf Gang leader dipping his toe into the mainstream?

P.S. – That song previewed in the second half of the video is absolutely gorgeous. I hope the full version drops sooner rather than later.

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