The Online Gamer Gets (RR)OD’ed

05.10.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

About two months passed since I got up to speed with the “Online Gamer” series. Now he’s back with his latest rage-filled antics reminiscent of Darius Sinclair™ in hardcore team deathmatch. “Online Gamer 3” isn’t as funny as his previous outings but it’s still dripping with geek humor; especially when he used those glaucoma-causing special edition night goggles to get through a blackout.

This flick also has some bizarre timing as my 360 died on me about a two and a half weeks ago. So naturally the red ring scene struck a nerve since my system crapped out in a similar fashion. Nevertheless I couldn’t help but chuckle when he talked to Microsoft’s customer support. Speaking from personal experience, that’s pretty much how the convo transpires: right down to the convenience of your console being out of warranty. Just envision “Jim” with a heavy Indian accent and you’re golden.

I guess I should keep it 100 and mention that MS is repairing my system for free after I explained how it kicked the bucket. But it’s unnecessary to have to deal with this crap while Bill and Co. make it rain. At least I can thank this video for putting a campy spin on an otherwise irritating situation.

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