Vikings Mike Priefer Apologizes For Remarks, Bringing Shame to the Vikings

07.24.14 3 years ago 25 Comments

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Bad news beat day continues today as the Vikings Mike Priefer apologized today in his first public remarks since his suspension was announced by the league last week.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Priefer opened with the following statement:

I’d like to start off by saying that I like to set a higher standard for myself — a higher standard of conduct, a higher standard of work ethic, a higher standard of being a father and a husband and I expect a lot from my players as well,” Priefer said. “My wife and I raise our children this way in terms of our last name and what that means. Remember who you are. In this regard, in this situation, with my comment, I failed. I didn’t just go below the bar. I went way below the bar. I made a mistake. I was wrong. I brought a lot of undue attention to the Minnesota Vikings organization and brought an unwanted distraction, and I apologize. The apology that I spoke about, that I put out on Friday, I want to reiterate that in a very humble and sincere manner.

Priefer went on to say that, “The biggest thing I regret is I brought a lot of bad publicity to the Minnesota Vikings and I felt like I let my family down” but it looks at the situation a positive one, adding, “But I learned a hard lesson, I’ve got to be sensitive to other people in what I say and that’s not going to happen again.”

The Vikings seem hopeful that Priefer will fulfill his end of the bargain and gave the old, “Hey, I’ve made mistakes, you all have made mistakes, let’s all forget about this mess” routine.

In related news, the AP reported that former Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe was backing away from his lawsuit against the team, for now. Kluwe himself took to Twitter this morning and stated, “We have resumed discussions. That’s all I can say at the moment.”

As the Vikings saga drags on and new outrages build this week — Dungy, Rice — the pressure from the league to make this go away as quickly and quietly must be immense.  But hey? At least we’re talking about people being at camp today, right? RIGHT?

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