Wild Tigers Hines Has Known

02.11.08 10 years ago 40 Comments

In day past, I no want watch Plo Bewrr with sterrpid Ben Rongrastname flowing barrs to T.J. Rongrastname. Ben take wiff him arr rhinemen to Plo Bewr but they no brock for him arr season and he have high numbel sack. But no take leceivel? I think he head is firred with wind and ghosts.

I spend day looking at animerr in zoo to leerax. Foll some lesion, animerr not in smirre mood. Maybe because Tom Brady was made terr reave foll teasing monkeys.

What matter, Ryan? You all selious cat arr the time! I thought Ryan king of jungerr. Or numbel shree team in NFC North. You finish more high than Berrrs. You make smirre now! Prease!

What is with animerr today? Monkey is s’posed to be jubirrant and prayferr. You rook rike you contemprating gleat mystelies of rife. Rife is no mystalee. To riv is terr smirre.

Why rong face, Misser Errepants? Harr. I make fun for you! No rhett chain of opplession bling you down. At reast ivory deerer no interested in you.

Arr light! I rike you, Misser Birry Goat. You have the spilit to rift me out of dordlums. Rest of animerr need be rike you. We be friend before Kyerr Olton stearr youl neck beald.

I give you smirre in leeturn!

Zookeeper: Hey! Help! Security! One of the billy goats has gotten loose!

Hines: No. I think you in mistake! Prease leemove hands flom me. Where you take me?


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