Your Final(ish) KSK Kares Update

09.02.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Hey everybody, thanks for putting up with these KSK Kares updates all week. I know that it’s a lot more fun to just read the football stuff and dick jokes, so I appreciate the warm and generous response that I’ve gotten in my drive to do an awful workout in Daisy Dukes in order to raise scholarship money to put the children of deceased special ops soldiers through college.

Here are today’s notes on the subject, then I’ll get out of the way and work on putting together a Sexy Friday post for you.

  • We had a tie for yesterday’s top donors: Chris D. and Phil K. donated $500 each. Since I can’t cut DVDs in half, I’ll send you each a signed copy of Drew’s new book. Email me, and when Drew comes to New York I’ll ply him with liquor and make him write funny things to you on the title page.
  • Today’s top donor will get my last remaining awesome TV DVDs that are not available to the public yet. Donate here for a chance to win.
  • Fight Gone Bad will be held on the morning of September 17th, but don’t worry, KSK Kares is only a week long, so even though you can donate until all next week, I won’t pester you about it any more . Well, maybe one more post. You can follow me on Twitter for updates.
  • We’re still a more than $2o00 away from Daisy Dukes, so be sure to bother people with jobs to get them to donate. Send them this post that explains everything. If you have ties to super-rich people or a corporate hegemony that makes donations to charities to offset the damage it does to humanity, I would appreciate you pulling that string for me.

Okay, that’s it. Thanks for your patience. To everyone who donated — even the person who donated 61 cents to be ironic — thank you. I really do appreciate every penny that goes to this amazing cause.

(TL;DR — CliffsNotes: DONATE HERE)

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