Your Week 16 Early Games Open Thread

12.23.12 5 years ago 966 Comments

It’s a shame that the Jets and Jaguars already had their meeting this season, because right now would have been perfect for maximized levels of abject derpitude. Granted, there’s no Mark Sanchez starting because he already ensured he’ll be a backup somewhere else next season with a five-turnover performance last Monday night that bounced New York from marginal playoff contention. That said, these are two teams at rock bottom and yet still reeling. It would be both horrifying and delightful to see them go at it now.

As for the Jaguars: like many teams, they’ve embraced the use of iPads for storing playbooks. Unfortunately, the Jaguars forgot that once a player is no longer on the team that they should wipe the memory of that player’s iPad so he, y’know, doesn’t sign with another team and hand over the Jaguars playbook. Even though once Maurice Jones-Drew went down, all the “hand it to MJD and hope for the best” plays were nixed.

Frankly, the most shocking detail of this story for me is that the Jaguars just let players walk away with team-issued iPads. Mike Brown would never be that generous.

Finally, Mort is floating one of his trademark bullshit “reports” that Tim Tebow going to the Jaguars after this season is a virtual certainty. Despite the fact this is the work of Mort, a lot of NFL media who should know better seem eager to take the bait just because no one ever shies away from a chance to talk Tebow. So we have another off-season of breathless clickbait-friendly Teebs speculation to look forward to. Lovely.

Your early game slate, as rated for potential watchability by KSK’s patented four- and sometimes five-star system:

Oakland at Carolina *
New Orleans at Dallas ***
Tennessee at Green Bay **
Minnesota at Houston ***
New England at Jacksonville *
Buffalo at Miami *
Indianapolis at Kansas City *
San Diego at New York Jets *
Washington at Philadelphia **
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh ***
St. Louis at Tampa Bay **

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